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How To Make Jewelry From Natural Stones

Each necklace begins as a chunk of rock, mineral or fossil, either big or small.

Chunk of Leopardskin Jasper

The rock is cut into slabs with the mother of all saws.

Slab Saw

Leopard Skin Slab

I use a trim saw to cut the slabs into the shapes I want for pendants.

Using a Trim Saw

Stones After Trim Saw

To shape and polish the rough pieces, I use a self-contained Genie (includes a water pump system). This machine shapes and polishes the pendants in 6 steps, starting with a wheel with course diamond grit, and ending with the polish wheels, with fine polish. Leather disks can be added to the end of the shaft to give a final polish if needed.

Shaping and Polishing the Stones

Polished Pendants

When the pendants are complete, I drill tiny holes in the tops with a drill press using diamond drill bits. I then glue small screw eyes into the hole and the pendant is ready for stringing.

Drilling Holes using Drill Press
I use a bead board to design my necklaces, which allows me to "experiment" with the design before stringing. I have 9 boxes of natural stone, horn, bone or ivory beads, which I use to create the finished product. I use sterling silver or 14K gold filled clasps and crimp beads. Necklaces are strung on SoftFlex wire, which is flexible, yet strong. The finished product is one of a kind, created from natural jewels!

Designing the Necklace

Finished Necklaces




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